Video Tutorial | LEAPS Options – BEST OPTIONS STRATEGY EVER (How I NEVER Lose Money Trading Options)|2021

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Video Tutorial | LEAPS Options – BEST OPTIONS STRATEGY EVER (How I NEVER Lose Money Trading Options)|2021

I’ve been using the LEAPS for almost 6 months now and I have NEVER taken a loss because of this options trading strategy. I’ve seen returns as much as 126% and over $1500 on AAPL Calls last month so in this video I will show you how to implement this strategy to make consistent profits.

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📝 Description 📝

Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPS options trading strategy) is pretty simple. It’s just like buying weekly option contracts but you drag out the expiration date so it’s a long term option, generally an option is considered a LEAPS if it has 1 year until expiration but I’ve had the same consistent profits by using 6 month expiration dates. The difference between this and weekly options is that you have more time for the underlying stock to move ion the direction you predict, if it doesn’t move within a day or two, you won’t be clapped by time decay. LEAPS can get pretty expensive when you’re choosing an option close to or in the money, in order to bring your cost basis down, you can select an option further out of the money. This inherently comes with more risk due to the Delta/Theta ratio being low in comparison to options that are in the money but it can still be profitable if the stock moves a large dollar amount in a short period of time.

The best stocks to use LEAPS options on are those with consistent trends, such as FAANG stocks, because they are consistently trending upward. You could also place a long-term put option on a stock that consistently loses value such as ACB or USO, or you could even use a put to hedge your portfolio, in case the stock market crashes. ETFs are also a great LEAPS investment because generally, the U.S. stock market goes up, despite crashes and recessions here and there. ETF LEAPS don’t make as much money due to their low volatility but since they are stable, they can make you consistent profits, year after year.

Personally, I have a 100% win rate using LEAPS options and I’ve found whenever I buy any option with less than 1 month until expiration, more times than not, I lose money. Recently, for example, I bought over 50% on an NVDA Call expiring next month but I was able to recover that and then some with a SQ Call expiring in January. Overall, I’ve made over $9000 using this strategy and I would recommend it to anyone that is tired of losing money on weekly options. LEAPS options are more expensive but they are more consistently profitable.


Introduction: 0:00
What are LEAPS?: 0:51
Best stocks for LEAPS: 4:36
My LEAPS trades: 6:41
Discord/Outro: 9:52

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