Video Tutorial | I tested Fastest DEMA Trading Strategy 100 TIMES and this happened… Forex Day Trading|2021

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Video Tutorial | I tested Fastest DEMA Trading Strategy 100 TIMES and this happened… Forex Day Trading|2021

I tested Faster DEMA Double Moving Average Trading Strategy 100 Times to see if it makes money in the Stock Market Forex Day Trading
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If a fast-weighted moving average can get a high win rate, and improve one of the most popular trading strategies out there, surely we should get an even better and higher win rate if we use a faster moving average, right? I tested the Double Exponential Moving Average 100 Times, to see if it can increase the win rate of a trading strategy since it reacts to price faster. The normal golden cross trading strategy we tested 100 Times, got a 42 percent approximate win rate. The 42 percent was an okay and profitable win rate because of the 1.5 to 1 reward risk ratio, but when we modified the strategy and used a weighted moving average, the Golden Cross Trading Strategy got a 48 percent win rate and had a much better profit graph on the Trading Rush Channel. In this video, the DEMA Golden Cross, on the other hand, started with few losses in a row. The Normal Golden Cross and Weighted Golden Cross made a profit at the start in the Trading Rush App. But even though the market structure was pretty much the same, the faster double exponential moving average lost money at the start, and then the profit line started to move in the upward direction, which as you can see, is almost opposite of the SMA Golden Cross Strategy.

The Double Exponential Moving Average does give faster entry signals, but those signals are only good when the movement is really good. But when the price movement is slow, the Double EMA will give a decent amount of false signals in a row. For comparison, this is a chart where the price is in an uptrend. At one point, when the price stopped making higher swing highs for a while, the Weighted Moving Average didn’t give any new signals. But since the Double EMA reacts to everything faster, it gave 4 false signals in a row. Since the market doesn’t move infinitely with the same momentum, the faster signals that were supposed to be the main reason for a higher win rate, were actually the reason for giving false signals in the slow-moving markets. The Weighted Moving Average was the sweet spot between “the good fast” and “just early false signals”, and that’s why Weighted Moving Average actually improved the win rate of the Golden Cross Trading Strategy. The Double Exponential Moving Average, on the other hand, got a 42 percent approximate win rate with a 1.5 to 1 Reward Risk Ratio, which is not a worse win rate like other strategies we have seen so far, but it is also not as high as some of the best trading strategies we have seen on the Trading Rush Channel. The Original Golden Cross also had a 42 percent approximate win rate, but this time, the profit graph in the Trading Rush App looks a lot better than the profit graph of the SMA Golden Cross.

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