Video Tutorial | How to write a DLL for Metatrader 4 Using Lazarus!|2021

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Video Tutorial | How to write  a DLL for Metatrader 4 Using Lazarus!|2021

The video you can find no where else on the internet! How to write a DLL for Metatrader 4 Using Lazarus. Believe me i’ve searched…. How do you go about writing a dll that will communicate with your metatrader code?
I am by no means a dll coding guru.. I have no need for dlls in my trading tools. The new compiler seems to be quite secure enough compared to the old easily decompiled ex4 files.

However, since there is no lesson that I’ve found to learn to do this that isn’t a decade old, I decided to try and learn just enough to get you started. I started with Visual Studio 2019 Community which is free.. however it is HUGE! Waaay more than I wanted to get involved with at this stage.

I find Lazarus FPC to be much easier and less bulky.. I’ve even made some simple Windows apps with it playing around… It’s so easy!

In this video I will get you started by showing you what you need to download, how you start a project and make a dll file which you then put in your mql4/libraries folder.

Nothing fancy but we will make a dll to which we will pass numbers along with what we want done to them.. add, subtract, multiply, etc… . both integers and doubles… and do some math on them and send back the answer to be displayed in a MessageBox(). The idea here is just to get you started as to how everything is connected and all of the various parts.

This is just the beginning but we had to start somewhere right? I’m not sure how far I’ll take this.
Here is where you download the Lazarus…
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