Video Tutorial | How to Make Money Online|2021

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Video Tutorial | How to Make Money Online|2021

In this video i show you 3 ways to start earning money online. Each method requires zero or very little money upfront. Master any one of these three methods could eventually lead to a full time income.

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Making money online is easier then you may think.

My #1 way to make money online is to go to Craigslist or Facebook marketplace to their free section. in this section people are giving away items that they no longer need or are too lazy to throw away for free to the first person willing to. you can take this item home clean it up take some beautiful pictures of it and post it on those same platforms at a price. this is a one hundred percent profit way to make money

my number two way to make money online is through retail arbitrage. arbitrage is finding two identical items on two different platforms at different price points by the cheaper one on one platform and sell it for the higher price on the other platform. this works on two different websites as well as a retail store and then selling it on the internet.

my number three way of making money online is to learn a skill set that you can sell to people. for example I am very good at video editing, and I can now offer my video editing service to friends and family, or a Facebook group, or on a website like Fiverr.

all of these methods on earning money online are a great place to start for anybody whether you’re in college or an adult with two children. if you get good at any one of these you can eventually quit your job and make full-time income off of just these three simple things.


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