Video Tutorial | How to Install EA First PRO|2021

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Video Tutorial | How to Install EA First PRO|2021

These are the installation instructions for the Tradunity EA First Pro robot on the MT4 platform
________Installing the Robot _________
0:10 Prerequirements
0:30 Copying the files to the VPS
1:06 Installing the MT4 platform
1:44 Installing the required Visual C++ library
3:38 Placing the robot files in the MT4 Data Folder
_______ Robot Installation Complete _______
_______ Configuring the Robot to trade on a Pair _______
6:15 Open a new chart
7:00 Add the robot to the chart and Configure the Common Tab
7:32 Load the latest settings for that pair
9:40 Register the trading account on our site
11:10 Change the timeframe to the correct one
11:50 Double check your configuration
_______ Tutorial Complete _______ My interesting dad says this plugin is unbelievable!! how,install,first,

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