Video Tutorial | Algorithmic Trading via ZeroMQ: Python to MetaTrader (Trade Execution, Reporting & Management)|2021

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Video Tutorial | Algorithmic Trading via ZeroMQ: Python to MetaTrader (Trade Execution, Reporting & Management)|2021

This tutorial follows on from our webinar “How to Interface Python Trading Strategies with MetaTrader via ZeroMQ”. Brought to you by Darwinex:

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If you haven’t watched it yet, here it is again:

With this completely revamped implementation, algorithmic traders can:

1) Send OPEN, CLOSE, MODIFY trade instructions to MetaTrader from Python (or any other ZeroMQ compatible programming language)

2) Exchange messages between Python and MetaTrader in JSON format, via ZeroMQ.

3) Get real-time BID / ASK prices from MetaTrader for any symbol available in MetaTrader.

4) Retrieve historical market data from MetaTrader directly into a Python environment, via ZeroMQ.

5) Create a MetaTrader “price server EA” specifically for publishing real-time BID / ASK prices to multiple “subscriber” applications.

The accompanying source code can be found here:

And here’s the continuation of this tutorial: Algorithmic Trading via ZeroMQ: Python to MetaTrader (Subscribing to Market Data) (

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